Professional home organizing services

We help declutter your life

Imagine a space where everything has a place and fits together like a puzzle. From pantries to home offices and more, our team of professional organizers are dedicated to simplifying your space and transforming your life.

We give you room to live, space to breathe, and feel joy.

Organizing help for your home

The Simply Sam team will organize your space, your home, or your business. Featuring a quick turnaround, organization services are available for home, storage, garage, and commercial areas, as well as cabinetry consulting. We’ll revamp your space from top to bottom for a fresh and clean feel!

We also offer moving help! Whether you’ve lived in the same place for 20 years or you’ve just moved to Utah, we will help you unpack boxes, define spaces, and find a place for everything.

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Our services

Whole home organization


Kitchens + Pantries


Storage Rooms

Bathrooms + Linen Closets


Craft rooms

Turn-key move-ins


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Our Process

We start with every client by having them book a Discovery Call, where they upload photos of their space, and inspiration for their project. On the call we discuss the space, budget, and what you're looking for in a partner to take your home to the next level.

$200 Per Consult 

An in-person consult may be necessary for larger projects so that we can prepare an accurate proposal for your project. 

For a free virtual consultation, book here.

Once we have a good idea of your wishes, we'll send you a proposal for the space. In this proposal will be a detailed look at the hours it will take to complete your project and any supplies needed to improve the space with a long-term solution.

As soon as you pay your deposit and sign the contract, your date is booked and we begin shopping for your job!

The team shows up to your home with everything needed to organize the space. We pull everything out, declutter, add product, and put everything back together. Of course, we finish it off by labeling everything. 

We remove all trash and give away any unneeded items so the only thing left to do is to enjoy your newly organized space.


Have more questions? Visit our FAQs to learn more.


Our Pricing

First Organizer $85/Hour

Each Additional Organizer $65/Hour

Hourly Handyman Services $75/Hour

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Transform your space and create room to live, space to breathe and feel joy.