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Simply Sam Organization + Design is a full-service design, construction, and functional home solutions studio. What makes us different? We’ve seen the strain that building and renovating can take on a person’s time, energy, job, and relationships. We want to help you keep your time, guard your energy and your relationships. Leave the decision overwhelm behind! All you have to do is enjoy your space when it’s completed.

We do everything for your home to make your life more simple.

Interior design project Modern Marfa in Utah

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full service interior design

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Furniture Planning + Styling

Material Sourcing

3d renderings + construction plans

Virtual design

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Our Process

Since we offer customization for every client, this process may look different for everyone, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what working together will look like. We always tell everyone we can “as much or as little as you want!” For example, if you are just doing furnishings the process will skip over the parts pertaining to construction. At this time we are only taking on construction clients who also need design.

We start with every client by having them book a Discovery Call, where they upload photos of their space, and inspiration for their project. On the call we discuss the space, budget, and what you're looking for in a partner to take your home to the next level.

The next step for design or construction is always going to be a consultation at your home. At this time we come to your space, get to know you more, and come up with a preliminary design mood board and bid for your project. This consultation costs $1,500.

The second part of the consultation includes a second meeting at our office where we go over our initial design for your space. This is where the collaboration begins to figure out what you love, what we need to edit, and our next steps together.

After our second meeting together, the next step is pre-construction. This is where we work with our subcontractors and team to pull your design together, and look more in-depth to see what the costs of your project will be. During this time we will also work together to pick materials which may affect the cost. The goal of pre-construction is to get to a final design so permits can be submitted to the city for construction. Some clients may choose to do pre-construction with us but execute the work themselves.

Whether you’re doing construction or not, the design greatly affects the cost of your project, especially when you consider the price of materials. During this time, we will combine on your vision and our expertise to bring the home of your dreams to life. Many clients opt for 3-D renderings which can be helpful in envisioning your space.

Once we have made all design decisions and received all necessary bids for work, we sit down with all our samples and spec sheets to make sure that we have all the details correct, and the budget is where we want it to be. After this meeting is when we start placing orders so everything can arrive at our warehouse in time for installation. We manage all the purchasing, receiving, storage, and delivery for you. 

DEMO DAY isn’t just for HGTV. Granted it often takes longer than five minutes. This is when the fun starts. Your dream home comes to life! 

This is the best part. Whether we are using some of your existing pieces or starting from scratch, this is when we get to create a cohesive design in your project with furniture. Depending on the project timeline, we will either order all your furniture at the beginning of construction or mid way through. We will keep you informed on lead times. We manage all the purchasing, receiving, storage, and delivery for you. 

INSTALL DAY! The best day of the year. This is when we install all your beautiful new furniture complete with accessories. Oftentimes, we do not go through and approve every single accessory with you, instead you get to leave while we set up, and come home to a finished space. You’re able to pick and choose what you want to keep throughout the space.

Once everything is completely installed, we take photos and videos of the space in order to use for our portfolio. 

This is when we peace out, because you’re sick of us! Just kidding! We have been so lucky that almost all of our clients come back to us long-term. But, we want to get out of your hair so you can enjoy your investment in your new beautiful space. 


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Our Pricing

Interior Designer $150/Hour

Junior Designer $95/Hour

Design Assistant $65/Hour

General Contracting Per Project or $95/Hour

Handyman Services $75/Hour


Imagine your space here

Interior design + remodel

Modern Moroccan Remodel

Our client was remodeling the home her Mother grew up in, and wanted to honor the charm of the space, while bringing personality, functionality, herself into it. We incorporated her artifacts from around the world, and adding custom touches from an Authentic Moroccan Tile to a Beautiful Turkish Mirror.

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Custom full-service home solutions 

Your goals are front and center as our team expertly crafts a plan that speaks to you. Our interior design studio offers detailed space planning, commercial design, and interior decorating services.

We are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah but offer interior design services across the United States. Full-service projects are our specialty, but we’d love to hear more about your custom needs! 

Work with our team of interior designers and general contractors 

Remodeling gives you total freedom to create a space that fits your lifestyle. We offer contracting and carpentry services for new builds, remodels, and commercial projects, as well as handyman and architecture services. Construction services are available only in combination with organization or design projects.


Transform your space and create room to live, space to breathe and feel joy.